The Talented & Colorful OHS Art Show

by Mckenna Whelan

The art show at Oakdale allows students to beautifully showcase their artistic works  throughout the school library. This wonderful opportunity was held on April, 27th, 2016, for all the creative students to express themselves and have a physical platform for their art. Artists working in paint, drawing, ceramics, photography, graphic design and a variety of other fields have devoted time and skill into their passion. The art show brings a well-deserved appreciation towards these students, inspiring young people to find an outlet and work hard towards a skill at the same time.

 Senior Arianna Ennis voiced that she is “grateful for the art show. I enjoyed walking around the library admiring other’s art.” She continued, “I was pleasantly surprised to see my art piece in the show, [one] that I made in computer graphics.”

Ennis also states “ Seeing other student’s work inspired me to create more.” This concludes the magnificent fortuity this experience gives.

Senior McKenzie O’rourke, another art student, expresses “I think the art show is rewarding to the students who work diligently in class.” She goes on to say, “I’ve noticed how much effort the art teachers have put into helping students and putting the art gallery together.”

Librarians Mrs. Renate Owen and Mrs.Amy Murdoch are proud of Oakdale’s artistic abilities and are even considering having art pieces displayed year round. Mrs. Murdoch agreed, “I’m pleased to see how many student come into the library to admire other’s work.”

She continues to communicate, “It attracts students to the library and creates an appealing environment.” Murdoch states “ It’s neat to discover the names under the art pieces and find out the hidden talents of students.”

Art teachers Mrs. Amy Pyles, Mrs. Trish Stockman and Mr. Bill Bingman take pride in their students and set high expectations encouraging kids to enter a piece. When the art show comes around, the library is filled with vibrancy. Immaculate masterpieces sit and radiate, motivating and inspiring those around them.