Were You Ready to Rock & Roll?


by Layla Basile

Oakdale High School was proud to have hosted this year’s FCPS Show Choir Festival in the auditorium at 7 pm on Saturday May 7, 2016. Parents and students from schools in Frederick County flooded our auditorium in hopes of excitement, awe, and entertainment. The multiple show choir groups hoped to astound every audience member with their confident performances, which each group worked diligently to perfect.

In a more exclusive perspective, Oakdale had worked through countless rehearsals in preparation for their energetic, harmonized, and syncopated presentation. From facial expressions to vocals and dance movements, each member of the show choir group applied all their effort from head to toe!

In addition,Oakdale’s Show Choir group incorporated fascinating themes in their routines, such as rock and roll this year – Disney was a previous year’s theme. The themes and songs each year were carefully chosen by Mr. Michael Copen (Director of the Theater Department). Also, guest choreographers from Disney Co. who were acquainted with Mr. Copen have come to our school to teach this group amazing choreography. This was done during the annual show choir camp for Oakdale, which includes an entire week solely dedicated to learning all of the dances for every song that was performed. All of this criteria was planned to perfection to enrapture the audience in their unique performance and make them feel like they were living in the 80s!

“We put in more effort this year than any other year,” Senior Lily Widdup commented. Also, Widdup believes that the hardest challenge was “Thomas week,” when referring to the busy week during the show choir camp.

Sophomore Austin Shapiro believes that “dancing, picking up the choreography, and learning the harmonies were difficult to do.”

However, no matter what problems arose, many felt grateful for the wonderful opportunity and to have had the ability to work with an amazing group of individuals.

In support, Shapiro exclaimed that he “loves being able to perform on stage, and to do it with really good friends of mine.” He added that being on stage was one of the happiest places for him.

Widdup believes that she has benefited from this activity by becoming “more confident with my singing.”

The numerous rehearsals and learning moments provided a vast amount of ways for this group to evolve since their existence. From the downfalls to the success, management to performance process; changes were bound to occur.

For example, there were more guys involved this year, which added more complexities to vocal harmonies. Many also believe that time has improved the singing and dancing as a group.

Additionally, Oakdale’s Show Choir stood out in the crowd among various other groups since they “relate[d] to the parents because it’s music they’ve grown up with” Shapiro mentioned.

Overall, there’s countless, delightful memories which many have obtained from this rewarding experience. Their perseverance through any challenges pays off, for Oakdale’s Visual and Performing Arts Department goes above and beyond for all performances, showcasing their expertise in their incredibly creative talents.

They gave the audience “a run for their money!” Shapiro concluded.