What’s next after the death of Queen Elizabeth II?



Queen Elizabeth II in her youth in front of the royal family’s crest.

Ozzie Daubert, Editor

Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8th, 2022, at the age of 96. It was announced earlier that day that the Queen was under medical supervision after doctors expressed concern for her health. Queen Elizabeth reigned for 70 years, from 1952 until 2022. She was the second longest reigning monarch of all time, and the longest reigning monarch in England.

The Queen’s death came as a shock for many. Social Studies teacher Kate Ehrlich shared her response, “I was curious how the events following her death, including her funeral and the coronation of the next king, would impact transportation and work in the city.” She also worried about how the death had affected her family in England.

Sophomore Olivia Martin also expressed her thoughts on the death: “I think she was doing a good job keeping England intact and it is sad she died.”

Most people know that after the Queen’s passing, her son Charles will become King automatically — unlike the United States, there are no elections. Instead King Charles will have to swear loyalty to the parliament and the Church of England in order to ascend to the throne.

A lot of people are unaware of the process that follows the death of a monarch. When the Queen has passed on, civil servants receive the message ‘London Bridge is down’, officially initiating operation London Bridge.

It began with informing the 36 countries in the commonwealth about the news before the general public was alerted. In England the newscasters stopped broadcasting to come back on air wearing black to announce the Queen’s death. From there Britain entered a period of mourning that lasted for ten days; after those ten days, the funeral took place. On the day of the funeral, children and adults did not have school or work in England since it was considered a national holiday to honor the Queen’s Death.

The Queen’s funeral took place Monday, September 19th, 2022. Her funeral took place in Westminster Abbey, doors for her service opened at 11 am. Heads of State flew from all across the world, as well as members of the Royal Family from all across Europe, to honor the Queen. Her casket was carried on a carriage that was drawn by 142 Sailors.

Her funeral was attended by 2,000 guests and was broadcasted throughout the world on television. She was buried with her late husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, at the King George VI Memorial Chapel located inside on the St George’s Chapel.