World Language Honors Society Ceremony


by Emily Jerez

The World Language Honors Society ceremony was held in the Oakdale High School Auditorium on Friday, February 5, 2016. Several OHS students who have completed rigorous French, Latin, and Spanish courses were honored at the ceremony.

During the ceremony the new members of the society walked one at a time onto the stage and were given a candle.The candle was lit by a a fire and blown out later in the ceremony. As each inductee walked onto the stage, their name was announced followed by what Spanish classes they have taken, and their future plans after high school.

Oakdale High School Junior Kaitlin Theall has been a member of the French Honors Society for a year. Theall attended the ceremony and claimed: “It was an overall positive experience. It’s nice to see underclassmen so excited to join. My favorite part was definitely the book signing because it holds the names of everyone who has been inducted at OHS so I think it brings us all together as a group.”

All of the new students piled up at the end of the stage, and once the last  member made it to the end, the students repeated an oath. Each language had their own oath, and each group of students repeated their oath in that specific language. After the oath was read and repeated the new members of The World Language Honors Society were able to blow out their candles and an official certificate was given to each new member of the society.

OHS teacher Colleen McCarrick, who is the leader of the French Honors Society stated, “I liked when all of the new inductees recited the pledge that is part of the society,which promised to uphold principles of the honors society and continue the study of the French language. It was cool to see them saying it in French. Hopefully they will infiltrate their lives with French.”

In order to qualify to become a part of the World Language Honors Society, which includes the Spanish, Latin, and French languages, one has to be at least a Sophomore, have a 3.0 GPA (3.5 weighted), and have taken at least three courses of the same language. OHS students are required to take at least two world language courses, take one more course to qualify, and do not hesitate to sign up for the World Language Honors Society.

Congratulations to all of the old and new members of The OHS World Language Honors Society. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to qualify to be a part of this prestigious group of students.