Into the Spider-Verse: Marvelous (Review)


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‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” Swings by’

Megan Donovan and Antonio Garcia

On Friday, December 15, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse swung into theaters nationwide. In its opening weekend, it gathered raving critical reviews, as well as unprecedented box office success. After its first three days, it grossed 35.4 million at the box office, setting a;new record for the highest opening of an animated film. With the addition of international profit, the film has earned a whopping $56.4 million. Undoubtedly, these numbers will only grow in upcoming weeks.


Brooklyn teenager, Miles Morales (Shameik Moore), is bitten by a radioactive spider while exploring an abandoned subway route. With help from his spider-predecessor, Peter Parker (Jake Johnson), he learns how to navigate his developing powers. However, the pair will soon learn that they are not the only ones with this unique trait. With the help of his newfound powers and friends, Miles must battle Kingpin (Liev Schreiber), a vengeful man attempting to create an interdimensional rift. all the meanwhile, he must battle with family and school troubles.


Into the Spider-Verse paints the familiar world of Spider-Man in a new light, while retaining the same lovable characteristics of former adaptations. The animation allowed for new experiments in the world of cinematography, specifically in lighting, style, and movement. Specifically, the animators chose to have a screenplay that resembles the structure of a comic book.


Alex Gang, an Oakdale sophomore, explains that, “The animation is extremely creative and it’s got subtle things that just make it all so much cooler and visually pleasing”.

Concurrently, the lively style was truly brought to life with the fun, yet professional, plot. It paired action with subliminal moral lessons, making it perfect for the whole family. Nevertheless, the humor still felt mature and relatable for teenagers and adults.


As of December 6, the film has also been a nominated for Best Animated Feature in the 2019 Golden Globes, and viewers could not be more proud. Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal, wrote “It’s as if everyone had set out to make the best Spider-Man movie ever, which is exactly what they’ve done.” Meanwhile, here at Oakdale, Gang feels the same way. He tells the Post that, he “think[s] it’s the best Spider-Man movie.” Specifically, he enjoyed the diversity and moral lesson of the film, “Spider-Man can be anyone. That’s why all the spider-people were all dramatically different, except for one trait: they all are heroes”


As said by Lauren Blythe, another Oakdale sophomore, “If you watch it, even if you aren’t a fan of Marvel, or don’t watch their other movies, it’s just overall a great movie. You have to go see it.”


It seems the consensus is in, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is a hit!


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