Jobs for Students: 2 Sides of the Coin

by Justin Friday & Kaleb Fullbright

The topic of whether or not it’s a good idea for students to get a job in high school has been a very controversial topic throughout  modern history. Many students assume that a job is a good idea no matter the case, but this may not be entirely true.

No !

by Kaleb

I believe that getting a job in high school would be a bad idea because it would cause more stress and your time devoted to school work wouldl be reduced. Your grades might drop, and you might not get enough sleep which could make you too tired for school. This may cause your grades to drop even more. Grades are collectively dropping as is, and if more people start working, those grades may drop even more. In conclusion, when it comes to whether or not it’s a good idea to get a job in high school I’m on the side of not getting one. As senior Joseph Grimes stated, “I don’t think they should get a job; they need to focus.”

by Justin 

As a student in high school there are many advantages to having a part time job. One example is the obvious benefit of money, which of course can be used for gas, for fun, for college, or even for dating. However, there are many other advantages to having a job as a student.

One advantage is the introduction of responsibility into the student’s life. A job can introduce a student to all of the real world responsibilities that they would have to face after they graduate. It provides lessons in work ethics, working on a schedule, as well as learning how to manage time and money. A lot of students struggle with adjusting to college life but a job can really help them adjust to independent living after school.

In addition, having a job provides additional structure to a student’s day, giving them a solid schedule in their life, helping to increase productivity throughout the day and decrease procrastination. Studies show that students with a busier schedule tend to be more productive and have more control over their grades. For students who feel uncomfortable or unqualified to take part in sports, or academic clubs, or even if you simply can’t find a club you like, a student job can act as a great schedule filler to help you occupy your day productively. As Sophomore Brenan Capaccioni stated, “They need a job to give them something to do after school.”