Online Classes

By: Jonah Grimes

Have you ever wanted to take a class, but you’d rather work at your own pace without any pressure from teachers or a schedule? Well then online classes might be right up your alley. Frederick County Virtual School (FCVS) is a program in which kids who have failed a class or need a credit to graduate can take a class online. The online classes are accessed through Apex learning and can be done at home or at a student’s home school. The online courses do cost a pretty penny, though, with some classes ranging from $50 to $200.

Most kids who take the online classes are usually taking them to graduate or because of scheduling issues. The online courses are designed to be as easy as possible for students, so the classes are done completely online and a student can access the class at his or her own pace. However, there is still a teacher who sends a classroom report at the end of each week, and all students must attend at least three of four mandatory face-to-face meetings with their teacher. While the class can be done at any time between when the course starts to when it ends, each assignment still has a recommended deadline that should be met. On the Apex website there is a progress bar that informs a student on his/her progress; the progress bar has three colors: red (Very behind schedule), yellow (Almost on schedule), and green (On schedule). There are varying opinions on whether taking an online class is good or not.

“I do not believe they are good because it’s more money to spend and it’s a burden,” says Senior Joseph Grimes who has recently finished his English 12 online course.

Online classes can be difficult because some kids get lazy and wait until the last second to get things done, and this leads to all the work piling up. These courses are most certainly not for everyone, and students who don’t manage time well should stick to a normal school setting.

Kids who would wish to take an online course should think long and hard and be willing to take the responsibility to do all the work. There is a lot of work involved with an online class, but a teacher is always ready to help. Most assignments are quizzes with a few tests; and there is a mid-term and final exam that students must take, and there are plenty of ways to earn extra credit. There are some students who would certainly take another course.

“It was a breeze, I’d certainly take another course,” says Junior Jared Rohe.

Overall online classes can be a fun and great way to learn. There might be a little more work involved, but with determination and effort any student could pass with an easy A. Online courses are a great way for some students to graduate early and get a head start on life. Virtual school is a great and easy way for all students who wish to excel in school.