Should newspapers be obsolete?


by Rachel Rice

With many schools such as ours turning to online press measures as opposed to paper ones, the question is being raised as to whether it would be beneficial for all newspapers to be online. The older generations seem to harbor a strange resentment towards the idea. But are these doubts really grounded in truth, or are they simply held in fear of change?

There’s little argument as to whether electronic news is better for the environment, but is it less appealing than an old-fashioned physical copy? Professional editing programs are costly, then again so are ink and paper over time. Not to mention the price of many employees, as one fifth of journalists since 2005 have been cut off. It also may prove difficult to find specifics in the millions of pages of the internet. Not only that, but many may oppose as they feel we are too reliant on the internet of modern times. If newspapers are moved online, will it really be too long until our entire lives are online?

Fear of going completely digital is the main reason why an older generation might insist that printed papers are better. however, there are other concerns as well, such as .portability. Wifi isn’t everywhere, but there’s nothing to stop you from bringing a paper. It is however still arguable that online papers are superior. They have the potential to be up-to-the-second on controversial and important news, a luxury printed papers simply couldn’t afford. If a reporter runs into a typo after the article is published it can be fixed.  Of course, there’s the unforgettable growing support of a young generation.

I personally believe that all newspapers should be online because of their versatility. Not only is this for for versatilities sake; however, as I also find it to be more environmentally friendly.

So in conclusion, while I find online papers favorable,  the choice of whether to favor physically copied or online newspapers is really up to the individual. It is okay to be undecided as for the moment we have a influx of both, but it may not always be this way.