Tick, Tick…BOOM! Movie Review



Andrew Garfield as Jonathon Larson singing a piece from “Tick, Tick…Boom!”

Kiley O, Writer

The inspiring and incredible true story of Jonathon Larson comes to life in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s latest film, Tick, Tick…Boom!. Jonathan Larson is the creator of the musical Rent. His drive and strong work ethic played a huge role in his success. 


The film follows a young man aspiring to become a well known composer, played by Andrew Garfield. His friends convince him that his talent is pure and should be shown to the world. Larson works his hardest to come up with ideas for music, but nothing clicks in his head. On top of this, his friend grows ill and his girlfriend, Susan, struggles with her own decisions such as moving away from Larson to pursue her dancing career. 


Fletcher Williams, an aspiring singer recalls, “Susan is Jonathan’s girlfriend, a loving and supporting partner who is struggling with other commitments and questioning her role in her and Jonathan’s relationship,”. 


Larson becomes severely overwhelmed until an idea hits him and he begins to form together all of his ideas into a musical called Rent: a story of a group of impoverished young artists struggling to survive and create a life worth living under the shadow of HIV/AIDS. 


Andrew Garfield’s performance in the film is truly remarkable as he studied Jonathan Larson’s behaviors and characteristics and he really captured them perfectly in the movie with the energetic movements and dedication to his work and he really understood the assignment. 


The movie really has a much greater meaning than just a composer that worked hard. Williams answers, “It is all about being young and constantly having the pressure of feeling like you have to live up to this great title, or that you have to accomplish something amazing during your time on earth,”. This statement is so true because people of all ages go through these struggles every day and Larson’s struggles are very relatable to so many people. 


This movie was enjoyable for most as it received 88% on Rotten Tomatoes. Terry Maires, a fan of the film, commented, “I loved the movie (music, acting, dancing), though the ending was bittersweet, as Jonathan tragically died of an aortic aneurysm before his last play, Rent, opened and later became a big hit on broadway.” 


Maire’s statement is sadly true and Jonathan Larson died of an aneurysm before his biggest hit, Rent, became popular on broadway. Although he was never able to see the masterpiece he created, his story will live on forever.