What’s New With Wednesday?



Tim Burton introduced Wednesday Addams to the world on Netflix, November 23.

Jordyn Kinnee, Editor

Wednesday was just released on Netflix on Wednesday, November 23rd as a different take on the Addams Family movie. It is the third most popular series out now. Wednesday is a great show for teens and family with lots of action, drama, and comedy. Spoilers ahead!


Main character, Wednesday Addams, is a smart, sarcastic, emotionless student entering her first year at Nevermore Academy. Wednesday strives to solve the mysterious murders occurring around school while she attempts to use her psychic abilities, and learns the importance of friendship. 


Sophomore Ellie Coblish shares, “Personally, I like murder mystery shows and that’s what the plot was like in Wednesday. She wanted to solve who the monster was and get answers.” The story was well written and very entertaining.


The characters in the show gave Wednesday the opportunity to be herself. They all had abnormalities, but that is what brought them closer together. They each contributed to Wednesday’s life in their own ways.


Freshman Addie Hunter states, “I think that either Uncle Fester or Thing was my favorite in the show, I just like how happy they made Wednesday.” The two characters were the only ones in the show that brought out a smile in the “emotionless” girl.


The supporting characters brought out a new side to Wednesday that many fans have never seen. Junior Tori Taylor explains, “My favorite scene was when Tyler took Wednesday on a date because it was so cute and wholesome.” 


Many fans were shocked by this scene. The Wednesday they knew would never have agreed to a date, but the producer managed to show Wednesday’s character growth and development by making this scene. 


Coblish describes, “The last episode was my favorite because it was when there was a plot twist and was very thrilling. I honestly didn’t think that Tyler would be the Hyde, that was the biggest twist for me, I thought it was going to be Xavier or Principal Weems.” The twist explained everything and showed who the true monster was. 


After watching, it can be said that Jenna Ortega, the actress who plays Wednesday Addams, did an accurate job with the role. Taylor expresses, “I don’t think it’s overhyped, I enjoyed watching it. The actors and actresses were great and the show was written well.”

Wednesday is a series that originated from the Addams Family, but it managed to stray away from the family as a whole and focus on the eldest daughter, Wednesday. It is a creative take on the movie and is unique in its own way. Overall, the series was quite enjoyable and a great show to binge.