English Courses


Not sure what English class to take next year? Here’s some information to help you make your decision  This video is a slide show overview of the course sequencing after freshman year. Taking an English class each year is required. Still have blocks to fill? There are many English electives you can take such as Journalism or film study or creative writing.

Freshman only have the options of taking English 9 or 9honors or Journalism (see below).

As a sophomore you can take English 10, or English 10 honors.  All 10th grade english students will still take MCAP English 10 in January with other English 10 students. This course helps to prepare sophomores for classes like AP Lang and English 101, and also prepares students to take the SAT.

English 11 options are English 11, English 11 Honors, AP Language and Composition and FCC English 101. English 11 is not required, you may opt out and take Ap lang instead. Ms. Cole and Ms Greer outline the expectations and course content of AP Lang in this video (no captions necessary).

English 12 options are English 12, AP Language and Composition, FCC English 101, AP Literture and Composition and FCC 102(102 can be taken if you have passed 101 or received a 4 or 5 on the ap lang exam)


Students also have the option of Virtual In-School and Virtual School for English 11, English 12, AP Language and Composition, and AP Literature and Composition

Electives such as Creative Writing, and Film study(see below) allow students to write and explore English in different styles or through different experiences.