May 19 – Senior Memories

On Saturday, May 2, seniors came to the school to get their caps, gowns, and yearbooks. What started out as just a way to honor them, I and Ms. Stockman decided to document the process with videos and photos.

As a story-teller, I had one idea in my head. When I came home to all of the video and photo clips that idea changed. From requests and research, I found a lot of photos of the Class of 2020 through the years. This is that video.

I have to thank the Administration team for allowing me and Ms. Stockman to come (the video with her photos will be posted later this week.)

I also want to thank the coaches and teachers who allowed me to go through their Twitter feeds to grab some images, and those staff who shared any images they may have had. To name them: Adell Remsburg, Lauren Graziano, Shawn Weiss, Kurt Stein, Dave Lillard, Kelly Kirby, Renate Owen, Diane Harding (if I missed you I apologize).

As you know high school is more than the year you come in and the year you leave – it’s the memories along the way. This video is designed to tell that story with the people you’ve met and the events that were created.


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