2019 Oakdale Golf Comes In Swinging


Madi Spencer

The golf team poses after a victory against Linganore.

Nicholas Moyer, Editor

This year’s Oakdale golf team is a major threat. They’ve already won districts and placed 2nd in CMC’s. Everyone is widely anticipating this season, including the players. 


As for returning Seniors, Madi Spencer admits she feels “bittersweet” towards her last golf season. She has been on the team for two years and says she has had great experiences on the team.  


Spencer and returning Sophomore Elizabeth Tucci recently discussed the golf season

I feel pretty confident this year compared to last year. I know the team better and I have more fun.”

— Sophomore Elizabeth Tucci

Tucci said. 


When the players discussed their competition both players agreed Urbana was the biggest threat, “They’re definitely our biggest competition,” Tucci said. 


“Yeah, Urbana, they’re really good this year,” Spencer added. However, this season the team is proving to be a major threat and it seems that the Bears with their undefeated season are who the Hawks should be afraid of. 


So far the team has maintained their winning streak for the past 13 matches. Their goal this year is to finally win a state championship. 


The past 13 matches Oakdale has come out strong, conquering Linganore 296-314 (the lower score wins) at Black Rock Golf Course. Both Oakdale and Linganore qualified for the state tournament, which begins Oct. 28 at the University of Maryland’s golf course in College Park.


Tucci, the girls 2A-1A state runner-up last year, also shot a 71 for the girls individual district championship. She scored a six-shot victory over Linganore’s Payton Smith.


Oakdale’s Chris Lee finished one shot off the pace at 72. Another star bear golfer, Dell Grieser claimed the district title.  “This is a great group of golfers to work with,” Oakdale coach Marcus Mason said. “We’re pretty excited to be able to take our entire team to states again.”   


One would assume that this record would put pressure on the players, in addition to Oakdale being a widely athletically acclaimed team. However, the players don’t seem to be worried. “We have a saying on the team,” Spencer explains, “We’re calm in the storm.” 


This is the attitude that the 13-0 win streak can be attributed to, and the strong team chemistry. Most of the players are very good friends, and have the same sense of humor. Because of this, Tucci describes the team as “improved” because each of them know each other better and know when and what someone does something well. 


Overall, the Oakdale Golf team has always been a force to be reckoned.