Baltimore Ravens set for Postseason


Quarterback Lamar Jackson hands the ball off to Running Back Gus Edwards during a home game at M&T Bank Stadium.

Luke Paugh, Writer

During the past few weeks, the “charm city,” Baltimore, Maryland has been celebrating the 12 straight record-breaking wins made by the Baltimore Ravens this season.  The progress the team has made means that it is once again their time to shine in the playoffs. 


The Ravens started this season as the only NFL team to have three former Heisman Trophy winners on their roster: Quarterback Lamar Jackson, Running Back Mark Ingram II, and 2nd String Quarterback Robert Griffin III. The season also marked the first year without Terell Suggs and Joe Flacco, who have been two staples for the Ravens since 2008.  Suggs was moved to the Arizona Cardinals, while Flacco was moved to the Denver Broncos.


During an away game against the Buffalo Bills, Jackson became the second player in NFL history to rush for over 1,000 yards at the quarterback position. This added to an already historic regular season stat sheet put together by Jackson.  


A week later, he broke Micahel Vick’s all-time single-season quarterback rushing record against the New York Jets.  Most fans have been impressed by Jackson’s performance, but OHS Senior Evan Hayek is more impressed with his off the field demeanor., “The way he carries himself is amazing.  He’s faced so many critics in his two years and shows above-average performance when facing those critics after his success. He could easily shove his success in their faces, but he stays level-headed and maintains that his only goal is to come through on a promise he made to Baltimore back when he was drafted, ‘They’re gonna get a Superbowl out of me. [Believe]’ that, belee’ that.” [sic]


The Ravens were also the only team this season to score at least 20 points in each of their games.  By the end of the season, they clinched the number 1 seed in the AFC playoffs, which means home-field advantage throughout the playoffs, and a bye week in the Wild Card Round. They achieved the highest record in the NFL this season at 14-2.   


The first postseason game will be on Saturday, January 11th at M&T Bank Stadium against the Tennessee Titans, who completed a huge upset in New England against the Patriots Saturday, January 4th, with a 20-13 win. 


When Senior Zack Werner was asked what he believes the score will be for Saturday’s game, Werner replied, “Ravens 42, Titans 10. The Titans were a 9-7 team playing against the 12-4 New England Patriots.  They’re about to take on a team with a record that’s even better than them. Tennessee’s a good team, but I predict a Ravens win”.  


In addition, twelve players have been selected for the Pro Bowl, which will be held in Orlando, Florida on January 26th. When Werner was asked if he believes Ravens players should go this year, Werner foreshadowed, “It’s nice that we have all of these players selected to go to, but I think they should be more focussed on the playoffs”.