Amazing Advancements in Girls Lacrosse and Boys Tennis


Kiley King

The end of the year draws near for Frederick County schools, and with it brings the conclusion to spring sports.


Tennis players Kyle Richardson and Ryan Rosenberg advanced to regionals, a second time occurrence for Oakdale, and for the first time in the program, a spot in the state tournament.


The boys played in top form, as observed by both Coach Mitch Rubin and Coach Sean Weiss, but competition remained fierce preventing them from advancing past the first round.


¨Regardless if we win or lose, we’re proud to have made it to states,” Richardson commented.


¨We only just started playing together as a doubles teams for states,” Rosenberg stated. For the most of his high school career, Rosenberg played singles. However, when Richardson needed a doubles partner, Rosenberg was selected for that spot.


¨Both of us have been playing all of our four years at Oakdale; it wasn’t difficult to play together,” Richardson explained.


On another side of the sports world, the girls lacrosse team advanced to states for the second year in a row. Glenelg, placing second in the entire country, defeated the team in the semi-finals. The girls still remain a strong team despite the elimination.


In fact, to get to the states tournament, the girls won the CMC Championship, and the regional tournament. There are two major factors that contribute to this fact. The first is the physical ability of the team.


¨We begin conditioning and training in the fall,” Izzy Clark, sophomore attacker and midfielder, described the program´s preparations for the spring season. This preparation also includes lacrosse camps over the summer.


The second factor is the team’s chemistry. The team has played together for a long time. They began together as kids and still play in high school. Not only do the summer camps help improve physical skill, it also improves the social bonds between players.


¨Most of us played together for a long time, on school teams, during camps, and on club teams during the off-season,” Clark stated.


No doubt both the tennis and lacrosse programs had incredibly successful seasons to result in their remarkable advancements. The off-season will bring time for players to improve in hopes to go even further in the 2018 season of spring sports.