Astros Caught Stealing Signs

Brett Zimmerman, Writer

The Houston Astros were accused of stealing signs over the past few years dating back to 2017, that are known. There are multiple videos that show Houston batting with loud bangs in the background; this then is followed by a non fastball. This shows that somehow they had been cheating because they knew what pitches were being thrown. In the MLB (Major League Baseball) it is illegal to steal signs(such as using technology like cameras), and it has actually banned the use of cameras between the foul poles just because this then limits the amount of signs that can be seen. 


An article had been released which states the whole investigation on the Houston Astros, with evidence pointing to the illegal actions of the Astros. There were many videos that proved that they were cheating and even some of the players and coaches had even admitted they were cheating.


Many people within the baseball world have been talking about this topic because of how serious an issue this is. This is really the first time someone has used these kinds of techniques in such a big game, because they are accused of using this technology during their World Series win. 


Yes, people have cheated before but not to the same extent as this. This will forever be remembered changing the MLB forever. It will lead to new rules in the up and coming seasons so that this same event will never happen again. There have already been many ways that the MLB has shown that they are taking this very seriously, such as how they used the max fine against the team and many other consequences.


Many people have their own opinions on this topic, JP,  former baseball coach and player explains, “I don’t see the issue, it’s a part of the game you are going to steal signs. Your job as a pitcher is to then have a better pitch to where the batter cannot hit it.” 


Others believe the complete opposite such as Darick Swinimer, a Junior at Oakdale. He says, “I believe that they had cheated by a long shot because this really did change the game. The other team wasn’t cheating so how was the game even fair.”

Also, here in the past few days there have been many Astros batters hit during Spring Training games. Some of these batters are big names such as Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman. This then brings up the question of was it intentional or not? It remains to be seen what the MLB has to say about all of these batters being hit.