Bears Wrestling In a Loop


Wendy Addington

by Nick Clingan

This year’s Oakdale Bears wrestling team has truly been one to remember. Looking up and down the win and loss column of Oakdale’s schedule, not many L’s can be found. The Bears are currently at 16-2, with only two losses to Damascus. Sadly one of those losses occurred at the state championship (41-22).

The Bears had the highest expectations this year in the history of the program thus far, and oh have they delivered. Not only have they beaten every other team in the county, they have done it with authority and made it look easy.

Some notable scores are the 45-19 victory over Urbana, an astonishing 68-6 over county rival Linganore, not to mention a 69-6 win over Walkersville. Middletown has been the only team to bring their loss to a single digit number (36-28). Considering Middletown is coming off a 1A/2A state championship there has been a lot of talk regarding who the best team in the county. Oakdale has responded  by continuing to focus match by match and letting the scores talk for themselves.

The Bears have an impressive line up and have incredible talent all around. Junior Logan Mckoy, named an All American during the 2015 season, has continued his success in the 2016 season by placing first in the county in his weight class (138). At the same time his younger brother freshman Wyatt Mckoy is currently on the top of his weight class (120). Looking up and down the rankings of each weight, you definitely find our Oakdale wrestlers more often than any other team. Sophomore Carson Cunha (113) currently in first, Junior Cameron Delucia placing first in the 126 weight class, 2015 state contender Kyle McDonald currently second in 132. Junior Chase Demallie first in 152, with his younger brother Sophomore Bryce Demalie currently third in 195. Finally not to mention Sophomore Jake Nielson currently in first place in the 160 weight class and, MIT bound senior Ryan Shubert holding first for the 170 weight class.

The only time the Bears have struggled this year was in both of their matches against state champion’s Damascus. The first time on the mat with the Hornets, the Bears fell 42-22, but were missing three of their key wrestlers who were battling injury at the time. Although having everyone healthy for the state finals lost again 41-22.

Overall, this has truly been a year to remember for the Bears, again coming into the season with high expectations they most certainly have delivered. Next year the stake being raised even higher and the expectations just increasing as the Bears will bring back the mass majority of their extremely talented line-up.
Interview of Seniors Nick Ranallo and Dakota Harich:

If you had to describe this season in one word what would it be? Why?


“Positive, we have a positive looking team for an overall positive goal.”


“Tough, it’s a real long season that requires a lot of mental and physical toughness.”

Where do you think the strengths of your team are?


“Mental toughness, all of our guys have a strong mindset and do not give up no matter what the circumstances.”


“Conditioning, our team has great endurance.”

Do you think this has been the best year for wrestling at Oakdale thus far?


“Yes, we have had a record breaking year with the most amount of wins.”


“Yes, we have yet to go this far into the playoffs.”

Describe what happened at the Damascus match


“We just weren’t ourselves, we were so used to winning that we thought Damascus was just going to hand us the state championship.”


“We didn’t wrestle to our full potential.”

Do you guys see yourselves involved in wrestling after high school?


“Yes, I am going to Maryland and they are a big wrestling school, I definitely plan to watch and support the team.”


“I will be pretty flustered with soccer but I am strongly considering wrestling at Coast Guard.”