Bocce Wins States


Mrs. Connelly

The Golden Medalist

Keith Smith, Writer

The Oakdale Bocce Team won states on February 10th at Hagerstown Community College, by winning every match.doing it with style.  


Sophomore Jordan Tourtillott “Turtle” felt,  ”As a team we were confident in our abilities but didn’t want to underestimate our opponents. We felt that all our practice and coaching had put us in the potion to succeed and we were prepared to win.” 


According to Ethan Simpson, sophomore, another member on the team, “Coach Connelly played a major role in boosting the teams motivation and drive for the sport.” 


As “The Turtle” also said this, “Coach Connelly would always boost the morale and get everyone excited at both practices and games. His positive attitude made everything we did in bocce fun and it rubbed off onto everyone on the team.” 


The team consists of Jordan Turtillott,Ethan Simpson,Erik Connelly, Carter Albers, Jacob Abate, Coach Connelly, And Mrs.O. 


The State Championship was hosted at Hagerstown Community College and several schools attended the event.  The Bears played Linganore, Urbana, Gov,Thomas Johnson and Brunswick. They Swept every other school and it wasn’t close.


The question that still remains is if the  Bears provide the same powerhouse like they did this year. This is the first time that they made it to states in their time of becoming a school back in 2010. Oakdale High School’s final record after states were 6-0 Go Bears!