Boy’s and Girl’s Cross Country: A Season to Remember

by Tony Bianchini

     Year after year Oakdale produces well-trained, hardworking Cross Country teams. This year was no different for the boy’s or girls’ teams. Both teams have had very successful seasons. The Boy’s team got first place in the Mountain Run Race and the Catoctin Short course. The Girl’s team received second in counties in which Charlotte Kowalk placed first overall and did well at the race in  Oatlands.

When asked how the season was going, “Pretty well overall, we still have two more regions. I think we are one of the top teams,” replied Senior Captain Alex Bacon.

When one thinks of Cross Country they usually think of one guy running in the woods. It is way more than that. Cross country is as much of a team sport as football. Unfortunately, having the fastest runner in the state doesn’t guarantee a win. Teamwork is a key to success in Cross Country.

“Yes definitely, it helps for a successful team; you wanna keep up to your teammates during the race,” Bacon stated in reference to teamwork in Cross Country.

Bacon’s most memorable moment was during the Mountain Run race, where he placed in the top 20.

The Girls’ Cross Country team is also experiencing the same amount of success. The girls’ team placed second in counties, and Senior Charlotte Kowalk placed first place overall.

“This season is going really well. We lost a lot of seniors last year and we were worried. But the freshmen really stepped up this year along with everyone else on the team,” stated Senior Captain Anna Hartman.

The Girls’ Cross Country team is all about teamwork, and teamwork is the key to the success.

“Every place matters – it’s team first and we leave everything out there,” exclaimed Hartman about teamwork. “The Senior class has never been so close. I feel that I could tell anyone anything,” Hartman went on to say about the team chemistry.

Hartman’s most memorable moment was the Cross Country camp before the season. It poured the whole time, and it was miserable inside the tent. “It brought us closer as a team and we really came together,” Hartman says about the camp.

Both teams have done amazing this year, and we here at the Oakdale Paw Print want to congratulate both Cross Country teams on their successful season.