Boys Lax


by Erin Hoyle

Oakdale’s boys lacrosse team, coached by Gavin Donahue, currently has a winning record 9 games into the season. With 6 wins and 3 losses, the team is working hard in order to achieve their goal of winning the regional championship this year. So far, their most competitive game was against Urbana in which they won 7-5.

This team is unique because they rely on teamwork in order to win. Senior Noah Holman said, “We wouldn’t be the team we are without goalie TJ Ellis saving our defense any time they slip up, but our success is so much attributed to team strength so its impossible to credit it all to individual players.”

The team is made up of many valuable players, which is a big reason for them being successful. When preparing for big games, they watch opponent’s scout film in order to be able to take advantage of the other teams weaknesses and undermine their strengths. On  April 21st Oakdale will play Linganore, which will most likely be their closest game.

“We have the talent to win the rest of our games if we go into them with the right mindset and execute playing lacrosse the way we play lacrosse.” said Senior Noah Holman.

Despite some tough games coming up, the team believes they will ultimately be able to win regionals.