Defensive Struggles for the Wizards


How can the Wizards rebound from a tough start to the 2019-2020 NBA season?

Brendan Riccuci and Zack Warner

The Washington Wizards are off to a rough start this season. The Wizards have some very talented players that include, Bradley Beal, Isaiah Thomas, and a rookie with heavy potential in Rui Hachimura. The question is why are the Wizards not winning games? 


The Wizards rank 3rd in the league in points per game; scoring isn’t the problem. Unfortunately, the defensive ranking isn’t as high; the Wizards are ranked dead last in the league in defense. 


Twice this year, The Wizards have only held their opponents to under 100 points; something must change. Every game is the same story: trading buckets with the opponent. Who’s to blame for this? Is it coach, Scott Brooks? Do you make a trade for a top tier defensive player? The point is something must change for the Wizards to get back into a playoff spot. 


OHS Junior Will Boughn was asked what the Wizards can do to improve defensively, and has some ideas: “I think you go out and trade for a key defensive assist before the deadline, a good veteran player like Danny Green.” 


Another issue is the fan support. The Wizards rank 26th in the league in attendance. Obviously, this is no excuse for the defensive struggles, although a packed house can spark a team with more motivation. A lot of home games this year for the Wizards have been taken over by the road fans. 


Finally, it hurts to be playing a season without superstar point guard. John Wall was a superstar on the Wizards, who unfortunately tore his Achilles last season, and is most likely out for the entire season. Wall when healthy has a career statline of 19 Points per game, 9 assist, and 4 rebounds a game, which was a huge asset for Washington. 


When OHS Senior Brock Layden was asked the impact of not having John Wall, he explained, “If John wall was still on the floor it’d be a very different season for the Wizards. Bradly Beal would have a key player who can get him the ball for the spot up jumper” 


Can the Wizards turn their season around? With the season only being a forth of the way complete the Wizards still have time to turn this disaster around. It’s going to take a major change defensively for this change to begin.