Field Hockey: A Force to be Reckon With


Evan Hayek, Editor In-Chief

Before Coach Muzzamal Malik took the head coaching job for Oakdale High School’s varsity field hockey team, the school had not won too many games. Despite the rocky past, last season’s Bears performed to a much higher standard. They won nine of thirteen games, losing only three and tying one.

Malik has no intentions of slowing down, and puts his trust in senior captains Megan Libonate, Jenna Harrison and Katelyn Orzechowski


“They [the seniors] are dominant, they are good, one or two girls playing with my club team, two in Baltimore, and we’re thinking maybe towards a state championship,” stated Malik.


The Bears had their regular season home opener on Monday night, defeating Walkersville 4-1.


Harrison broke open the scoring for the Bears with a goal three minutes into the game.


Oakdale kept the pressure on with a strong offensive attack, keeping the ball away from their goal for a majority of the game. Walkersville tied it up late, scoring the game knotting goal with 5:15 remaining in the second period.  


Oakdale forward Emma Mcgaha (Sophomore) came to the rescue, putting in the go-ahead score with 3:10 left in the game. Coupled with strong defense from Melody An (Senior), and two more goals from Harrison, the Bears were able to escape defeat, and impress the home crowd.


“We stuck together, and after [Walkersville] scored we didn’t let them bring us down, we didn’t play to their level,” spoke Harrison after the win.  


Malik, a Pakistani native, has been playing field hockey his entire life. A member of both Pakistan and the United State’s national team, Malik is well versed in the ways of field hockey.


His goals reach further than just this year as well. He believes there is a lot of potential in Oakdale for field hockey players.


“This is my message to the school: The school needs to focus on the field hockey. This area has a lot of potential.”


Malik thinks if he had the facilities and resources he needs, it may be the final piece to the state championship puzzle.


“They are kind girls, they need it,” he expressed.


Be sure to keep up to date with the Oakdale field hockey team, as they continue their advances toward the CMC championship, and the Maryland State championship.