Football Season has Arrived


by Gabby Redpath & Tony Bianchini

Oakdale’s Varsity Football games are known to be exciting. Oakdale’s students always come out to support their team, leading some to say we have the best student section in the county. Hooting and hollering from the stands, students from every grade come together to support the team on Friday nights.

Previously being a part of our band and color guard’s halftime show, I had only watched the excitement of Oakdale’s student section from a distance. Some students come to each and every football game, filling the far end of the home stands with school spirit.

The first Friday home game, Oakdale’s Varsity football team played against Westminster High School – winning 42 to 10. The game was  voted the Ravens Game of The Week. Because of this honor, a Ravens banner hung from the stadium and Poe the mascot cheered along with the crowd.

Players really gave it their all on the field. Sean McGaughey passed 272 yards and achieved 4 touchdowns! Also, Matt Beveridge caught 7 times for 106 yards and had 1 touchdown. The team’s hard work at practice really paid off at the game.

Oakdale Varsity players, Noah Brummer and Tyler McGraw, explained the need to treat every game as a challenge. The boys worked hard preparing for their game against Westminster so that when the time came, they were confident they had the ability to win.

“It was a great time and we had a really good turnout from the student section,” stated Brummer.

The Bears safely held onto the lead from the beginning of the night all the way to the end. They didn’t let the win get to their heads though – they worked just as hard at their practices following the game.

What’s a good team without good fans to support them? The student section, led by a group of Senior Oakdalien boys, flooded the grey stands, drowning them in red white and blue. The theme was chosen because the game fell on 9/11; the students wanted to show respect for those who passed on that day in 2001.

“I had the most fun cheering with everyone,” commented Senior Haley Schuman when asked what her favorite aspect of the football game was.

Students cheered as a whole, joining together to chant players’ names, participate in a ‘roller coaster,’ and count the cheerleaders’ pushups. A few excited senior boys even ran around the stands with an American Flag after every touchdown.

All that cheering can really make a person hungry! The new concession stand supplied exceptional snacks to the fans. Volunteers sold candy, sodas, fries, and other delicious junk foods. The game was such a success they started running out of food!

Overall, the game was a success. Everyone was having a good time on and off the field. The Bears are ready for a fun filled season.

This past week the Bears took on the Urbana Hawks. The football team has never beaten the Hawks, and were looking to change that Friday night. The game didn’t look good for the Bears at first. Followed by an interception by Senior Sean McGaughey, the Hawks quickly scored making it 7-0. Little did the Oakdaliens know, this would be the Hawks only score of the night. Percy Agyei-Obese had two touchdowns, and fellow running back Malik Boyd had two as well. Even though the Bears offense played well, Oakdale’s impenetrable defense is what kept our opponent at bay for the rest of the game. The Bears played tough, fast, and physical for 4 quarters and simply dominated the Hawks, with a final score of 35-7. The bears can add another win to their now 4-0 record.

football players

OHS Football Players huddle before their game

Photo courtesy of Senior Nathan Getz