Girls Swimming and Diving


Aubrey Linthicum

Juniors Julia Doolittle, Ella Moore, Hayley Ross, Aubrey Linthicum, and Morgan Doolittle pose for a picture after beating Middletown.

Dingle McFarland, Editor

After placing 3rd in counties and having two relay teams at states, the 200 IM and the 200 Free, the girls swim team is looking forward to another successful season. Led by Junior captains Hayley Ross, Jensen Ritter, and Sam Schoeman the team has started the season undefeated. 


The dive team is made up of 11 girls, the largest dive team in the county. They are lead by Juniors Julia and Morgan Dollittle, who both finished in the top 5 at Counties last year, while Morgan went onto states and placed 7th. Julia Doolittle mentioned, “The Dive team is very close and we all support each other.”


The girls swim team is also the largest team in the state, being made up of 30 girls. They are lead by their head coach, Bridget Kavanaugh. 


Ross, exclaimed, “We are a wide team with a variety of abilities and the  coaches tell us to have as much fun as possible.” 


The teams have a lot of fun; after each meet the team goes to Chick-fil-a together. They play water polo at practices and they have pasta parties. Spending all this time together, the team has developed chemistry which helps them in their meets. 


Before the meets, the boys and girls teams come together and chant; one of their chants is the “Shark Bait,” which is the chant from Finding Nemo. During the meets, both the boys and girls are very supportive of each other. The boys are up on the edge of the pool cheering for the girls, and the girls do the same for the boys. Morgan Doolittle stated, “Even though Diving takes a while at the beginning of the meets, the swimmers are still very supportive.” 


One of Ross’ favorite memories is during her freshman year; the team was on their way back from states, when the speakers on the bus broke. The team began singing and they were so bad that the bus driver pulled over the bus and told them to stop because they were too distracting. 


Both the Swimming and Dive teams are shaping up to have yet another great season. With only two Seniors this year, the team will continue to get better and more experienced. Some girls on the team also said that they are better than the boys team. They currently have one swimmer with a record, Hayley Taylor, who has the county record for the 100 back, and are looking to add more names to that list.