Girls Tennis


by Claire Snyder

Whether watching a singles or doubles match, Oakdale High School’s tennis team is having an incredible season this year. Oakdale’s boys’ tennis team has a record of 9-1 and the girls record is 2-8. One of the biggest challenges the girls and boys teams will face this year is beating teams they previously lost to. By practicing and using other teams weaknesses, the team plans to use this knowledge to their advantage.

Doubles team Kylie Schade and Caroline Smith pose for a picture before a match.
Doubles team Kylie Schade and Caroline Smith pose for a picture before a match.

Although they have had many rain delays, the girls team has had impressive wins over Frederick and Linganore High School. The boys were previously undefeated until they faced the Urbana Hawks in a close game. The boys will recover from this loss when they face Tuscarora Friday the 24th and hope to win each match.

The rainy weather has impacted game scheduling, causing multiple delays and cancellations. Games are cancelled so often since the moisture ruins the balls.

An interesting component to the boys team are the new foreign exchange students Alex Brenner and Yanni Loor. Alex Brenner is first singles player, from Germany and is staying with Ryan Rosenberg’s family, a singles player on the tennis team. Yanni is from Ecuador and is staying with the Schwiegeraths.

Partners Jackie Ramsburg and Lauren Arena are first year players who previously played the best doubles team.

“Playing these teams challenges us because we are both first year players and have a lot to learn.” says Junior Jackie Ramsburg.

Another doubles team, Junior Jake Merrick and Senior Josh Chin have had a successful season so far winning most of their matches.

The doubles team of Junior Kylie Schade and Junior Caroline Smith were the only duos to win their match against Walkersville High school. Schade and Smith now have a record of 7-2.

“It feels so good to win, after a tough win it’s rewarding when all the hard work pays off.” says Junior Kylie Schade.

The girls team recently had a change in the lineup to prepare for the upcoming match against Tuscarora. Sophomore Isabelle Giuffre is first singles, Sophomore Christina Holt is 2nd singles, sisters Caroline and Freshman Stephanie Pascal are first doubles, Juniors Jackie Ramsburg and Lauren Arena are second doubles team, and Schade and Caroline Smith are the third doubles team. The team is hoping this change in the lineup will help the team win more because the first doubles team of the Pascals have good chemistry, being sisters. Members of the team are looking forward to facing tough teams and improving their skills.

Oakdale High’s Tennis team will be competing in counties May 7th, 8th, and 9th at Baker Park in Downtown Frederick. Another upcoming event for the tennis team is Senior Night on Friday, May 1st. The two seniors are Carolyn Pascal and Josh Chin. Overall the boys and girls tennis teams are having an excellent season with new strategies, partners, and accomplishments.