Girls Track During Covid



The girls track team warming up to start their practice, with everyone socially distanced and divided between their pods.

Hannah Ware, Writer

COVID 19 has hit the Oakdale community hard, with school online, and students have to adjust to a new way of doing things, new procedures and regulations are being added so athletes and coaches can practice with limited health risks.  Adel Remsburg, the girls’ track coach, states, “New regulations are that there is no organized competition and athletes must wear masks to and from the field and must stay 6 feet apart.”


But are these changes affecting the way practice is running? Olivia Adams, a sophomore sprinter responds, “[Practice] doesn’t offer some of the things it normally does like high jump and pole vaulting.  Even though it isn’t the same as last year it has met my expectations.”  Even though there are new rules to follow, practice is still running relatively the same.  Girls are getting full practice time and adequate workouts.  


One of the new things FCPS implemented was that teams are required to separate the students into pods for practice; that way if one athlete tests positive only that pod would have to quarantine, not necessarily the whole team.  Riley Frutiger, an junior thrower, answers, “I don’t like not getting to talk to my friends that aren’t in my pod during warmups.”  


During the regular season both boy and girl throwers used to practice together, but because of the pod rule that can’t happen anymore.  Students have to stay with the pod they are assigned so there is no chance of spreading the virus if a pod member gets it.  


Even though the season looks different, coaches and students are happy to be back on the field.  With new accommodations to ensure everyone’s safety, many participants may not love the new rules but are willing to comply to allow them the opportunity to play.  Introducing Return to Play is not only making the athletes happy, but their parents as well. Overall the majority of the  students are grateful for the opportunity to engage in their athletics.