JV Cheer Just Finished Another Great Season


Annamae Zaruba

JV Cheer at their first competition of the season!

Annamae Zaruba and Kaelin Estepp

After a fun season of cheering for the JV football team and competing at competitions, JV cheer just ended another great season. Along with cheering at 8 football games, the JV cheer team also competed at 3 competitions. 


The team had to make a lot of improvements this season, mainly with their competition routine. Sophomore Esther Almeida talked about how she thinks the team has improved throughout the season: “We improved in communicating with one another, and putting effort into a harder routine each time.”


Sophomore Sophia Prevett adds, “One big improvement we made was having our team manager, Evie Graham, help us with our routines because she always had good ideas and it helped us improve.”. 


Even though JV Cheer had eight games this season, their overall favorite game to cheer at was the Urbana game. Prevett states, “This game was the first time the football team won in a while. This was my first year cheering and working with different girls and just having fun on the sidelines was the best experience.”


When talking  to one of the captains, Sophomore Brooke Mihalko, she was  asked what her favorite part about being a captain this season was. She states, “Probably being able to help out with making the competition routine and making sure everyone on the team was happy.”


As one of the captains, Mihalko had to help out with many things and had many responsibilities. With Mihalko being on the team last year, she definitely saw many differences from this season compared to the previous season. She voiced, “We added some harder stunts to our competition routine which made it a lot better. We tried really hard given the amount of injuries we had throughout the season.”


JV Cheer coach, Amy McChesney, had a lot to say about how the cheer team did this season: “Overall, I am happy with how things went this season.I think we were all very successful.”


When talking to McChesney about what improvements or changes had to be made throughout the season, she notes, “For our first competition, which was an invitational, we had one of our main bases out and had to move people around to see what worked best for everyone.”


They got really good at working together and relying on each other more as a team this season.”

— Coach Amy


The JV Cheers team season just recently ended, there was definitely a big difference between last season and this season. McChesney states this season, “They got really good at working together and relying on each other more as a team this season.”


Overall, this was a good season for the JV Cheer team. They seemed to have made a lot of improvements and had a great experience.