Lakers Had a Clean Sweep Against The Wizards


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Daniel Gafford makes one of the best dunks of the season.

Calyx Witherell and Shane Watson

On Sunday December 4th, the Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Washington Wizards. Although the score might look like the game was uninteresting, as it was a blowout, it was one of the more entertaining games of the season. With rim rocking dunks and a 50 point performance, it went viral on Twitter being the most talked about game of the night. 


Anthony Davis had a season high 55 point night, and added 17 rebounds. He continues his hot streak of very impressive games, with this one probably being his best so far. The last 2 seasons, Davis struggled heavily with his injuries. He was given the label of being injury prone and “washed”. Davis has proven this wrong by having a 10 game streak and averaging an amazing 35 points.


During the first quarter, the Wizards star shooting guard, Bradley Beal, was badly injured and was taken off the court. He ended up getting a hamstring strain and will be out for the next few games. Junior Brynn Ohlhoff expresses, “Hopefully he isn’t out for too long because the Wizards need his scoring.” Beal was the key to the Wizards offense which was  a big loss for the team. 


At the beginning of the season, Russell Westbrook was the starter, but was quickly benched and replaced by Patrick Beverly after some mediocre performances and downright terrible games. Westbrook has been good on the bench this season and Beverly has been struggling to fill Westbrooks role. Beverly finished with just 1 point while Westbrook finished with 5 points and 15 assists.


There has been some disagreement as to who should be the Lakers starting point guard. Due to Beverly’s struggle during this game, his role as a starter has been brought up by fans. 


Senior Senam Dzodzomenyo shares his views: “Westbrook is like a spark plug off the bench. He brings a lot to the bench. I think he’s done really well for them.” 


Ohlhoff brings up that Beverly shouldn’t be judged off of one bad game. She also added that Westbrook does more for the team on the bench.


The Wizard’s couldn’t get it going through most of the game which quickly fell to a double digit deficit. However, in the 4th quarter, the Wizards out scored the Lakers with a score of 38-25 to cut the lead of 11 points after trailing by more than 25. The wizards offense came to life which wasn’t shown earlier in the game.


Although the game was a clean sweep by the Lakers, it was an interesting game to watch. The Wizards tried to keep up after Beal was taken off the court. Davis continued his hot streak and the decision as to who should be the Lakers starting point guard is still in question. Overall, the game had a lot of action and was fun to watch for both Lakers and Wizards fans.