New Girls Flag Football Team Coming to Oakdale!


Michelle Meyer

Emily Meyer, Layla McFarland, and Grace Meyer at Ravens stadium during a preseason game, practicing scrimmages to prepare for the season.

Peyton Whyte, Editor

A new school year has begun and Oakdale is introducing a new girls Flag Football team. This group is fully sponsored and looking for members to join to participate in practices, games, and end of season tournaments. 


Lots of students are excited to participate in this new activity. Practices will be held after school on Mondays and Wednesdays. The league is accepting new members to join up until the first game, which will be held in mid-September.  


Many girls were happy to hear about the team forming and are ready to join. Ava Rosella, an Oakdale High School sophomore, voiced, “Flag Football in general seemed so much fun and I’ve never really played it before so I wanted to learn how to.”


Senior, Maddie Nilan commented, “I always enjoyed playing football, but never had the opportunity to play for a team until it got brought up this fall and I got so excited and wanted to join the team for my last year of high school.”


Michelle Meyer, an organizer of the team, shared how she thought this was a good opportunity for students, especially girls. After a scrimmage during a Preseason Ravens game, a guest at the game made a positive comment about the girls getting involved in Football. Meyer mentioned, “It made me feel like we are definitely going to make an impact on these girls‘ lives and give them new and exciting experiences.” 


She continued, “I look forward to the girls being able to be involved in a new fall sport and feeling empowered in playing in a traditionally male-dominated sport, at a higher level.”


The games this season will mostly consist of competing against Urbana and Frederick High, as those are the only other high schools with teams currently. Nilan stated, “I am most excited to go against the Urbana girls flag football team.” 


Rosella added, “Personally I’m looking forward to the Urbana games because they would always beat us in Women’s Track”.


Mike Dunn, coach of the girls team, is working hard to get as many members to join as they can, and setting goals in order to lead the team to success this season. Meyer voiced, “He is very passionate about helping the girls learn all the rules, plays, and giving them an opportunity to come together as a league and lead us to victory!”


The girls are hoping for a strong, determined season and most importantly, to have fun. A physical is not required to participate, and jerseys and equipment are provided! Tournament dates are October 1st and 17th at Urbana High, so if you are either interested in playing, or watching the games, make sure to come out and support the Bears!