NFL Week 10 Upsets


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The Baltimore Ravens played the Miami Dolphins at Hard Rock Stadium with the Dolphins winning 22-10.

Nathan Hadley, Editor

Week 10 in the NFL was one of the most shocking weeks yet. Teams that fans believed would come out on top as winners had some of the biggest losses. Several underdogs rose to victory, defeating frontrunners. 


Oakdale High School parent , Bryan Hadley, had his own thoughts about week 10: “I was surprised to see Washington win over the Buccaneers because of the two interceptions Tom Brady threw in the first quarter.”


On Thursday Night Football, November 18, it was the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Ravens at Hard Rock Stadium. Everyone thought that the projected winner was going to  be the Ravens. The Dolphins (2-7) came out on top and won against the Ravens (6-2) 22-10.


Lamar Jackson, the Ravens quarterback, did not have the best passing game with 26 catches out of 43 attempts  for 210 while throwing one touchdown and one interception. There also was no running game for the ravens where Lamar had only 39 yards.


On the other hand, the Dolphins defense was the main reason why they won. With the Ravens having two fumbles the Dolphins recovered one, and Xavien Howard scored the touchdown off of the fumble return. They also got an interception in the goal line, which caused the Ravens to not score a touchdown.


On Sunday Football, November 21, Washington Football Team and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers met at FedEx Field. Tom Brady, the best quarterback of all time, should have gotten the Buccaneers an easy win but Washington (2-6) came out on top of the Buccaneers (6-2) Winning 29-19. 


According to Zak Koshar, a freshman at Oakdale High School, “The Washington Football team beat The Buccaneers because the Washington football team is nobody.”


Brady (quarterback for the Buccaneers) started off the first quarter with 2 Interceptions. He also threw for 23/34 for 220 Yards and threw two touchdowns. The defense for the Buccaneers was also strong, getting five sacks and one fumble recovery.


Washington was on top of the Bucs during this game. Taylor Heinicke (WFT Quarterback) had a great game throwing 26/32 for 256 yards and 1 Touchdown. Antonio Gibson( Washington’s Running Back)  ran 24 for 64 yards but had 2 Touchdowns.


Another game of Sunday Football was the Detroit Lions vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers at Heinz Field. The Lions have not won one game so far this season. They could have won, but the Lions (0-8) tied against the Steelers (5-3) 16-16.


Sunday Football, the Minnesota Vikings went all the way to play the Los Angeles Chargers at SoFi Stadium. With Keenen Allen (Chargers Wide Receiver) and Joey Bosa (Chargers Defensive End)the Vikings (3-5) beat the Chargers (5-3) 27-20.


The Vikings did well on passing and rushing. Kirk Cousins (Vikings Quarterback) was 25/37 for 294 yards also throwing 2 touchdowns. Dalvin Cook also had 24 carries and ran the ball for 94 yards.


The Chargers did not look so good. Justin Herbert (Chargers Quarterback) had 20/34 and threw for 194 yards with 1 Interception. And their top leader for running the ball was Austin Elker for 11 carries and 44 yards.


Another  game of Sunday Football was the Carolina Panthers playing the Arizona Cardinals at State Farm Stadium. With the Cardinals not having Kyler Murray, or DeAndre Hopkins, and with Cam Newton back to the Panthers, it should have been a close game, but The Panthers (4-5) shocked everyone by winning against the Cardinals (8-1) 34-10.


The Panthers great offense and defense. With the return of Cam Newton (Panthers Quarterback) he was only in on limited plays but he made the best out of it in two plays he scored two touchdowns. On his first play he scored a two yard rushing touchdown and on his second play he scored a 2 yard passing touchdown to Robby Anderson.


The backup QB PJ Walker had a good passing game completing most of all his passes he threw 22/29 for 167 yards and only 1 Interception. For rushing and receiving, Christian McCaffery had the most of both with 13 carries for 95 yards and 10 receptions for 66 yards. The Panthers defense also had a total of 4 sacks, 1 Interception, and 1 fumble recovery.


The Cardinals did not look so good, Colt McCoy was 11/20 for 107 yards and 1 interception and the backup had to come in Chris Streveler 6/9 for 36 yards. The running game was not too good either, James Connor 10 carries for 39 yards and 1 touchdown.


On Monday Night Football, November 22, The Los Angeles Rams went to play the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium. The Rams are a good team that would be a super bowl contender but got shocked by the 49ers with the 49ers (3-5) winning against the Rams (7-2) 31-10.


For the Rams offense, this game for them was not it. Matthew Stafford was 26/41 and threw for 243 with 1 touchdown and 2 interceptions. Also their rushing game was not on point as well with Darrell Henderson Jr. having 5 carries for 31 yards as three top rushing leaders in this game.


These were some of the biggest upsets ever seen in the NFL.