Oakdale Men’s Soccer Continues to Dominate

By Gabby Redpath

This year has been deemed “The Year of The Bear,” and Oakdale Varsity Men’s Soccer is part of the reason why. Oakdale has a phenomenal team this year; so far pulling in nine wins. What’s great about the team is that every game is exciting to watch. No matter the score, the boys always put on a great show.

“You should have seen our game versus Urbana, it was intense!” Senior Varsity player Jarret Hood described the match against our rival. The weather was horrid, and despite Oakdale’s best effort, they lost 2-0.

When asked his opinion on this season, Varsity Coach Dan Mulcahy stated “It’s going fantastic… in the last five days we’ve been perfect — absolutely unbeatable.” The team faced a few losses in the beginning of the season, but they have improved tremendously, making them a force to reckon with.

Coach Mulcahy touched on the fact that the team’s losses have done nothing but motivate them. He has high hopes for the team; the players are highly-motivated hard workers, and make up a fantastic team.

Statistically, Senior Brian Flatter is having a phenomenal season. With six goals, nine assists, and twenty-one points, he’s definitely given his all. Other players, including the seniors Dakota Harich, Brian Lilley, Jarret Hood, Santiago Sevillano, Joe Gula, Jake Merrick, Cameron Pain, Drew Bowen, Bryce Currie, and Alex Roos, have also all worked hard and contributed a lot to the team.

The team still has four games left to play this season — The soccer team would love to see big crowds for the rest of the games! Come out and support your Bears!