Oakdale’s Girls Indoor Track Team is Running to its Next Victory!


Sophie Tressler

The girls Indoor Track Team at their first meet at Hagerstown Community College.

Charvi Bethu, Editor

On November 15th, the season begins for the girls’ indoor track and field team! This year, the team’s tryouts had more than a 30-person increase from last year. The coaches and athletes are looking forward to a speedy and successful season.

The indoor track and field program at Oakdale offers sprinting, distance, hurdles, high jump, throwing, and pole vaulting. The four coaches are ready to tackle this season with all the determined girls.

The head coach, Adell Remsburg, is extremely enthusiastic about the upcoming season and says, “My expectations are already exceeded for the amount of people we’ve had, since in our previous indoor team the biggest was 45, and now we have 85. So that’s already a great start.”

Remsburg is very pleased with the number of girls who are eager to participate in the track season. She is excited to be coaching a record-breaking number of athletes and is looking forward to seeing all of them improve.

During COVID, the team had a tough time trying to keep up with getting girls to join and finding places for meets to be held. “We are finally ‘out’ of COVID, so a lot of our meets are starting to go back to normal, which is exciting,” Remsburg adds. After the struggle through the pandemic, she is thrilled to finally get things back to how they were.

Unfortunately, Remsburg says with the number of people wanting to participate, “it’s difficult to try to get everyone a race.” However, she hopes to be able to work on that and give all of the runners an equal chance.

A returning sophomore track runner, Ava Rosella, explains how she is “excited to come back to the team because we are all like a family.”

Rosella has been running track since her freshman year, and she particularly enjoys sprinting. She hopes to be able to improve her time, distance, and speed this season.

A newcomer to the team, sophomore Marley Bahen, is currently trying out the throwing event group. With this season, Bahen hopes to be able to, “feel healthy and get into shape.” Additionally, she also hopes to be able to run faster and improve her endurance by the end.

Overall, it’s quite obvious that all the girls and coaches are extremely excited for the season to continue. They want to stay determined and have a stronger outcome than any of the previous track seasons.