Oakdale’s Swim Team’s season has started!


Carly Jacobs

Oakdale (Right side) competes against Walkersville (Left side) at a meet on January 5th.

Carly Jacobs, Editor

The Oakdale High School (OHS) swim team is one of many sports teams at OHS. Coaches Brigid Kavanaugh and Damon Allen have worked together and helped the team participate in practices and meets this winter season.


Kavanaugh has been the head coach of the team for 5 years. She shares “. The previous head coach of OHS, Melissa Lapham, invited me to join the team 5 years ago and I have been here ever since.” Kavanaugh works with the swimmers to help them improve in their speed, and creates a fun, exciting environment for them.


The team practices up to five days a week at the YMCA pool in Urbana. Students who are participating or are considering joining the swim team should expect ”a lot of conditioning as well as focus on technical skills like diving and flip turns. I also work to help swimmers improve their technique.” Kavanaugh informs. 


The meets are held weekly at either the Walkersville or Middletown High School Pool. The swimmers start off with dual meets against one other school from Frederick County.  They work their way up to later meets such as County Championships near the end of the season. 


The team is a great way for students interested in swimming to endure physical activity and workout, as well as make new friends and have a stable team which they can rely on. Senior, Charles Day, voiced that his favorite part of being on the team is, “Team bonding and beating your times each meet.”


Day has been participating in swimming for twelve years in total. He claims, “I swam since I was six for spring ridge sharks and then two years of club for FAST so I just decided to try out freshman year and have come back each year since then.” The team is often a sport in which swimmers enjoy, and choose to come back year after year.


While sports are often a big part of a student’s high school experience, the swim team is not only an activity for students to take part in, but it is also a great opportunity to make new friends. The team tries to incorporate lots of extra activities so the swimmers can have fun together outside of the pool. “Aside from practice and meets, the team has many pasta parties before meets.” Kavanaugh explains.


The team has worked hard, and Kavanaugh remarked, “Swimming is however both mentally and physically demanding, so make sure you are ready to work hard and be challenged. OHS swimming has a great team atmosphere with amazing, talented, hardworking student athletes. I am definitely proud to be the leader of this team.” The swim team is one of the many sports at OHS that students may consider joining.