Potentials to Mask Safety in Oakdale Sports

Aliyana Ishihara, Writer

Oakdale Sports have been largely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Masks have been a large part of our lives over these past months affecting our normal lives and what we can do.  Though masks are not required during RTP’s, they could be considered for the upcoming sports season due to the large spike of cases in Maryland. 


Though sports at Oakdale were not requiring masks during RTPs, masks are still required on the sideline and the beginnings of some practices.  According to CDC guidelines they advise to; “wear a mask if feasible, especially when it is difficult to stay less than 6 feet apart from other people or indoors, for example in close contact sports such as basketball.”


One example of that is low intensity sports like tennis because CDC believes it will help along with social distancing.  Though masks aren’t as common during the duration of RTPs and games, brands like Under Armour and Adidas make lightweight breathable masks for sports players of all types.


One of the poll results explained that they only see people wear masks the majority of the time due to the fact they play a sport.  They stated, “soccer practices are 4 days a week and games (although the past weeks have been canceled because of Covid) and there isn’t much social distancing or mask usage. Although at the games, if you aren’t playing you have to wear a mask on the sidelines. Not the same for practices.”  


The Post asked some of Oakdale athletes about their opinions on sports masks if they would buy one for their sport if necessary in their upcoming season.  Olivia Tehann, a sophomore and pole vaulter for the Oakdale Girls Track Team explained, “I might, I feel like they could get super expensive and I would need to see if there were any differences between a sports mask and a normal mask. So I probably wouldn’t unless there was something that made them different from normal masks.”


Tehann also explained to the Post on the prices for these masks; “I think they are pretty expensive, even though it’s a sports item, masks should range between like a dollar to $10 in this time.”  She explains to the readers of the Post that masks sold by sports brands should be cheaper.     


Another sophomore, and runner for the Oakdale Boy’s Track Team, Conner Pamplin reasoned his opinion on sports masks; “Yes, I do think that that’s too expensive because you can find masks for much cheaper, plus most people already own them” 


Also, Pamplin explained, “It would depend on how comfortable my current mask would be during practice.”  He explained how these sports masks are made to be used in sports but his current mask can suit him as long as it is breathable and comfortable if sports require masks during meets.


Though the use of masks isn’t needed during the upcoming sports yet, it could be potential for the future due to the large spikes in cases.  If they are necessary for the future these masks may be good alternatives for some players who don’t want to use regular masks.  For others who are comfortable with their mask, it might not be worth the price.