Running for the Win


Faith Lingaraj and Carolyn Frost

For a group of girls that run together for miles, in a team in which everyone is different, they stick together like glue. The Girls Cross Country team are like family, for they plan together and run together. Their new season recently started.


“It’s nice coming back after the year without racing and seeing how much everyone on the team has improved,” said Emily Baba, an Oakdale sophomore and member of the varsity team. Last year she was also a runner despite being a freshman.


Alexa Tarzy, Oakdale senior and senior captain of the Girls Cross Country team, shares, “We meet for practice six days a week for two hours. We do various workouts and exercises to work on our speed.”


“What we do depends on the day. We usually alternate between easy and hard days. Easy days normally consist of shorter runs and strength training, while hard days are more intensive and exerting,” stated Baba.


Tarzy, as senior captain, leads the team in drills, and conveys information from the coach to the team.


The girls love getting together for practices and meets, not only as a team, but as friends. “We’re really close as a team. There are only fourteen of us, so we get to know each other really well,” explained Tarzy. “Usually before the meet we talk about the race and visualize what we’re going to do. We plan strategies.”


“The day before the meet, we have a meet-prep day, and the day of the meet, I like to listen to music. I’m sure most of the team does,” Baba explains. “Basically we run a 5k instead of having a game. We’re scored individually. The varsity team is made up of seven members, and the fastest five people score.”


There is a lot that the team is looking forward to in the upcoming season, and there is a lot that the Girls Cross Country team have accomplished in the past.


“I’ve raced in states before, and we’ve won regionals… we’ve run a lot so far. We have a strong team this year, I’m sure we’ll do well,” stated Tarzy.


Each member of the team has a dream of their own that they wish to someday achieve. “Probably for me, personally, my goal would for us to win at states,” Baba answered.


The Girls Cross Country team looks very promising so far. Be sure to wish them good luck as they take on the upcoming season!