Softball’s Teamwork


By McKenna Whelan


“I like playing softball because I feel like I’m a hundred percent where I supposed to be” says senior Bridgett Holman.

The softball season at Oakdale started on March 1st, and so far they have played a total of five games and have a record of 2 and 3. The high schools they have battled are Middletown, Frederick Scott Key, TJ High School, Linganore and Tuscarora. Leaving the team with a remainder of thirteen games left to play, thus this is only the beginning. This year’s coaches are Coach McChesney and Coach Welch.

“A proud moment of the season so far was beating Tuscarora giving us our first win of the season and in this game everyone gave a hundred percent dedication to win both offensively and defensively.” said senior Emerald Green

The OHS Varsity Softball team congratulates Senior Emerald Green for a home run.
The OHS Varsity Softball team congratulates Senior Emerald Green for a home run.

Green goes on to say that “teamwork is key to not only winning, but staying close and trustworthy of your teammates around you.”

She explains that the “positive reinforcement that comes from her team gives motivation to play hard on the field.”

Holman also points out, “Teamwork is also inclusive of your coach, without a strong relationship with the coach, your skills and knowledge of the game will not be as good.” Both of the girls explain how important teamwork is when it comes to playing games and getting along.

Overall it is clear that these girls explained that their softball team understands the importance of team that creates passion and dedication that will help them play strong in their future games to come.