Ill Mind of Marshawn Lynch


Courtesy of CBS Sports – Marshawn mocks the media


The mind of a professional athlete has always been an enigma to the rest of society.  How could we possibly understand the complex mind of someone who is able to play an amazing sport and be paid to do it.  There are so many people that struggle to make ends meet, and here are athletes that make massive amounts of money to entertain us.

While this may seem amazing to many of us, we cannot understand all the physical and mental toll that these athletes take.  One athlete that has garnered a significant amount of interest from the media for his antics is Marshawn Lynch.

For someone who does so much on the field, he is remarkably silent off the field, a choice that has drawn all sorts of criticism from writers and fans alike.  Lynch has repeatedly been fined for refusing to talk to the media, an oddity in the attention hungry NFL.  In fact, during the 2013 NFL season, Lynch was fined $50,000 for refusing to speak to the media, which is a violation of NFL rules.

He was also fined $100,000 for refusing to speak to the media on November 19, 2014!   That is a huge amount of money to essentially throw away, even for a professional athlete.  Many athletes would kill for the opportunity to have even a fraction of the attention that Marshawn Lynch attracts, and he shuns it.  Who would turn away this kind of publicity that could boost your standing in the league, and potentially lead to more endorsements.  Yet for some reason, Lynch has brazenly refused to abide by these rules.

For some, this is the ultimate source of entertainment, akin to the actions of a rebellious child. For others Lynch’s actions are seen as disgraceful to the entire NFL.

Many are outraged that he believes that he is above the rules of the NFL, and that he seemingly acts without thought for repercussions.  However, no matter your view on Lynch’s actions, he is certainly an interesting character who will continue to gain attention for years to come.

-Josh Hindle