The NFL vs Coronavirus


Empty NFL stadium during regular season game in New Orleans due to worldwide pandemic.

Ryan Davis

The NFL has had a strong start to the new 2020/2021 season. With Coronavirus around, the teams have had to play with empty stadiums, face masks worn by officials,players and staff on the bench. The cases around the nation have started to rise again, therefore the NFL may run into some bumps during the rest of the season.


The season started on September 5th this year, but there was no preseason due to the COVID-19 virus so teams had no chance to get accommodated to themselves before the season started. At first, the NFL was planning to create a “bubble” like the NBA. This did not work out because teams carry 60+ personnel with the players and staff. This was too many people per team to keep closed in a small location, so the league had to improvise.


Now the NFL teams have empty stadiums to 15% capacity. Most teams have stuck with the empty stadium to stay safer. Some NFL teams have gone with cardboard cutouts of the supporters which gives the players something to think about.


With 9 weeks through the season, there have been a total of fourteen games postponed due to Coronavirus. That means multiple players/ staff contracted the virus before the game started. 


Everyday the players and staff must be tested and get their temperatures checked. This is now in their everyday life because if one gets the virus they are out for a minimum of ten days. They must also be tested negative twice, before returning to action. 


Many players have contracted the virus which have led to games lost because they are key players to the team. This is affecting some teams performances and could lead to them missing the playoffs. 


Chris Lee, a student at Oakdale High School, stated “I don’t really like it because it could lead to more cases” when asked about his opinion on teams having fans within the stadium. 


He also responded “Just quarantining the players who test positive” when asked if the NFL season should be suspended. 


With the NFL through week nine and going smoothly, it is still up in the air if the season will continue with the winter months approaching.