The Return of the XFL


DC Defenders QB, Cardale Jones.

Alec MacLean, Writer

Questions arise, as a new league tries to emerge in the football scene. The Xtreme Football League was recently revived after it failed in the early 2000s. Founded by Vince McMahon, this league fills the empty space left by the NFL off-season. It starts shortly after the Super Bowl, which marks the end of the NFL season. The XFL season ends with the Championship on the 26th of April. 


Many people are wondering if the XFL can compete with the NFL. If one looks at the statistics the simple answer is no. The week two XFL statistics are considerably lower to the NFL’s week two statistics from the last season, with XFL teams gaining considerably fewer yards than NFL teams, but this can be a matter of personal preference and how the game is played. 


Mr. Trigger, a teacher at Oakdale, said he “would have to watch it,”  regarding whether or not he thought the XFL could survive. This appears to be based on personal preference, not statistics. 


The teams differ from those of the NFL, as well.There are 4 teams from each division, and they are spread out fairly evenly across the country, but there are a lack of teams in the midwest. 


When listing the teams, Jacob Abate, a sophomore at Oakdale High replied “They sound boring.” 


This was understandable because the team names have a looser connection to the city they are based in. Most NFL teams names have relation to their location or culture.


The league is trying to compete with the NFL, so they do have some advantages. One of them is the low ticket prices, they claim that a single ticket starts at $20. The average NFL ticket is nearly $150. This of course will raise the eyebrows of anyone interested in going to a game. They advertise this by stating that a family or group of four can watch for only 100 dollars. 


When interviewing Jacob Abate, a sophomore at Oakdale High, he spoke of that deal, “That is very fair.” 


A similar response came from Mr. Trigger, “Yes that is a fair price”. Anyone who has ever bought tickets for an NFL game, would see this as a game changer.


However, a concern with this league is its stability and reputation. Other leagues like the AAF have tried to make it big, but failed. The league has already failed once trying to make it into the football scene. So can they learn from their mistakes this time and gain a following?