Undefeated Varsity Soccer Girls Works Together to Win


Crissie Traugott

The team celebrating Ryleigh Alcala’s game winning goal in overtime against Walkersville.

Emily Lockard and Ella Toms

The Oakdale Girls Varsity Soccer team uses the strong relationship they have with each other to their advantage to win. In October, the girls remained undefeated with eight wins and three tied games. As of their previous games, the girls scored forty-one goals with only three scored against them the entire season.


A big part of this success has been the bond the girls share with each other. Freshman Brynn Clagett, the center back, shares her welcoming experience: “It’s really fun, it helped me grow a lot just like getting to know other people.” 


Considering it’s her first year playing varsity soccer, getting to know new people gave Clagett the opportunity to grow. “My teammates try hard and it influences me to try hard too.” Connecting with teammates is vital to create a friendly and comfortable environment to play in. 


Sophomore Cara Robell, the goalie, explains that trust is key to winning games. “Good chemistry makes it really easy on the field to play together because you know each other really well.”



As a goalie, Robell takes on a huge task of overseeing the whole team. When asked why being goalie is important, she responded, “You kinda have to be the leader of the team, you can see the whole field so you need to help your team out.” With the added responsibility on an individual player, every girl must put in the work to win a game. 


Because of the girls’ achievements and friendship, it will be harder for seniors like Hannah Sherman, the center midfielder, to say goodbye. Sherman has been playing soccer since she was 4 years old and has been on the varsity team for her junior and senior year. This year, the team has four captains- Justine Lamb, Marin Mcdonald, Sam Gregorio, and Sherman. 


Leaving the team next year saddens Sherman, but it reminds her of all the great experiences had on and off the field. “It’s really sad because I probably won’t be playing in college. I’ve made so many good memories so it’s sad to see it end.” 


Although it is challenging to balance school and soccer, it is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Last year the team made it to the state semi-finals, and are aiming to advance to states this year. With their welcoming spirit towards new members, the girls have formed a cohesive team that anticipates their chance at winning States.