What’s happening with Winter Sports?


Hannah Ware

Girls track team is warming up on a sunny day to get ready for their season. Everyone still socially distanced due to the regulation with return to play.

Hannah Ware and Rhiannon Evans

The pandemic has brought disappointment after disappointment.  Winter sports is just another one.  On January 4th, 2021, winter sports were suspended until further notice.  The message was short and didn’t give much detail, so it’s time to break everything down and get the facts.

First, how long is this break?  Athletes like Sophomore Rhys Evans and Junior Riley Frutiger said that they “don’t really know”.


Coaches don’t know how long the season will be suspended either. Acting athletic director, Coach Mitch Rubin, noted that “Each week it is determined [by FCPS, FCPS Athletics and the county Health Department] whether sports can move forward.”


Another question many people have is regarding whether the suspension of the winter season affects the fall and spring sports.  Frutiger, who also does outdoor track in the spring, speculates that it “could shorten the other seasons too”.  


Rubin assured that as of right now, fall and spring sports haven’t been affected, and that winter sports have no bearing on the other seasons.  This means that each season will be decided individually when the time comes whether or not to continue on with the season.


Evans added that he thinks, “Fall sports might be affected but spring sports won’t.”  


Coach Adell Remsburg, who coaches girls indoor and outdoor track, is “confident [they] will have a spring season this year”.  


With the board meeting on Wednesday, January 13, they decided the winter sports season will either have two weeks of practice and two weeks of games, 1 week of practice and 1 week of games, or no season at all.  All athletic fees of $95 will be refunded no matter the final decision.


Athletes and coaches are not too happy with the way the winter season has turned out but they understand why the call was made to suspend it.  Athletes are saddened that it has been suspended but are hopeful that they can finish out the season.  If the call is made that winter sports are done for the year there is always next year or athletes could try another sport in hopes that the other seasons are still on.


As of January 20th, 2021, FCPS announced that winter sports will resume January 25th, 2021.  Teams will have one week of practice, with two weeks of competition following.  FCPS is also moving Fall sports forward with a start date of February 13th, 2021.