Good morning everyone and Welcome Back! Please stand for the pledge of Allegiance:
I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America. And to the Republic for which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all.
Oakdale Girls Varsity Soccer won 2-0 at Tuscarora tonight. Both goals by Sam Foster with assists by Alyssa Martin and Hannah Clagett.
Enrich your family’s life and host a Danish exchange student this fall! In October, students from Denmark will visit OHS as part of an exchange program. This year’s group of 25 students includes 9 boys and 16 girls. Students arrive on Friday, October 5 and depart on Tuesday, October 9. Over the weekend, host families have the opportunity to become a second family to the Danish students while welcoming them into our local “bear dens.” On Monday and Tuesday, Danish students will attend school with their host student, visiting classes and presenting information about Denmark.
If you are interested in being a member of the Student Government, please pick up an application from Miss Mulcahy B228 or Mrs. Miller A204. For returning members, your volunteer hours must have been submitted at the end of last year for you to be eligible to join again. All applications are due to Miss Mulcahy or Mrs Miller by the end of the school day on September 14th

It is unlawful for students to possess or use any weapon on school property.  Students who have or use a weapon on school property will be suspended from school and the police will be notified of the incident.  A weapon is any object designed to harm another physically or an object which is used in a way that can physically harm another   This school is committed to providing each of you with a safe environment and we will do all we can to carry out that responsibility including, if necessary, conducting searches of student lockers.

This week and next the administration team will be meeting with each grade level. We’ll start SET with the announcements and then call for each grade: tomorrow will be Sophomores, and Friday Seniors. Juniors, your first class meeting is next Wednesday, September 12. Ambassadors will be meeting on Tuesday, September 11. Today, could the Freshmen please come to the auditorium.