Brian Herman Takes Center Stage


Madeleine Verby, writer

           As the school day is coming to a close, Mr. Mike Copen’s Film Studies class waits in excited anticipation for 1:52 pm to roll around, or as they have come to know it, when senior Brian Herman strolls into the room to perform a skit.


Initially, the humourous skits were intended to entertain Herman’s close friends in the class. But soon, the whole class found themselves the audience to his hilarious and creative performances. Fellow classmate, senior Maddie Soypher reports, “He obviously knows a lot about movies, and it was cool that he was able to quote them and give an actual performance”.  


Among skits inspired by movies, Youtube content creators, and manga, a fan-favorite for Brian’s performances, was singing. Reflecting on Brian’s sensational performance of the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel, classmate Josh White, another senior, was impressed with Brian’s ability to “involve the whole class…it takes a lot to grasp a crowd and encourage them to be immersed in the event”.


Some of Brian’s most notable performances include “The Jim Sterling Cheese Sketch”, in which Brian brought in an actual bag of parmesan to aid in his performance  as well as the famed “Piano Man” performance which caused the entire class to break out into song.


Unfortunately, Mr. Copen’s first semester Film Studies class has since ended with the start of the second semester, so the frequency of Brian’s performances has drastically decreased. Because Brian was in the Student Service Learning program in the first semester, he had the time to pop in and perform.

Though Brian Herman Fans should not be concerned, Brian reports that he would love to do more performances, and that “people should expect more singing”. He added, “However off key”.