Is it worth the bite? Alien: Covenant

Some Spoilers will be in this:


The Alien saga has been a science fiction lover’s best friend since the original release in 1979, and has had many movies since. Most of the movies in the series received bad reviews and did quiet badly in the box office, such as Alien 3 released in 1992 or Alien: Resurrection released in 1997.


In 2012, Prometheus was released, as the revival of the Alien saga. Prometheus did significantly better in terms of reviews, as a brand new thriller to the series much like the first movie. Prometheus opened up a brand new world as a prequel to Alien; fans loved the lore behind their favorite face hugging, two mouthed freaks. So the hype when Alien: Covenant was announced was expected, fans begging Ridley Scott to dazzle them once again.


The film starts with a white room, empty besides a piano, a throne, and a statue. A man, later explained as an android, is talking to its creator, known by Alien fans as Weyland Yutani. The android was being tested by Weyland on his knowledge of the human world, and Weyland had the android perform tasks like playing the piano, and pour a cup of tea. When asked his name, the android replied “David”, after staring at the statue of the biblical figure David. It then cuts to a large ship in space, called The Covenant, and aboard the ship was another android moving about getting the ship online.


The Covenant was home to two thousand colonists on their way to Origae-6, a planet fit for human life. Once the crew awakens from cryo-sleep, they receive a distress signal from another planet perfect for colonizing, but was a lot closer to their current location than Origae-6. It was extremely convenient, and because of that fact, the crew and the two thousand sleeping colonists ventured toward the signal not knowing what was to come…


The overall new set of characters makes this movie stand alone, having seen Prometheus, the viewer would have been amazed by how the movies intertwined. But a viewer new to the Alien series could easily have seen Covenant without seeing the others. There was nothing you had to know to see and completely understand what was going on in Covenant. The Android David, was one of the antagonists in Prometheus, and he was fantastically reintroduced to the team aboard the Covenant. It was not inferred that you needed to know who he was, and why he was there, because even those of us who saw Prometheus were confused at first.


Covenant was a fantastic addition to the Alien saga, with the lore and explanation of the original movies. Alien:Covenant has earned a solid 7/10. It was not what I was expecting but it did exactly what it was supposed to as a nod to the first movie. This film also did an amazing job at opening up the door for the next installment of the Alien movies, with the extreme cliffhanger leaving viewers begging for more, nukes, knives, and sharp sticks. The possibilities for where this saga will go are endless, which leaves the question, what’s next?