May 26 – Memorial Day and Military Appreciation Month

Dylan Caple

Dylan Caple

America is a proud and strong nation, and it’s only important that we honor those who keep it that way, so here a few ways we Americans honor our soldiers. 


First of all, Memorial Day a federal holiday in the United States for honoring and mourning the military personnel who had died while serving their country 


The first incarnation of memorial day was in 1868 when general John Logan declared decoration day, for the purpose of decoration the graves of the fallen soldiers and the brutal war that had ended only 3 years prior. 


The first decoration day was a time of mourning where people would spread flowers on the graves of over 20,000 union and confederate soldiers who were buried at Arlington national cemetery. 


By 1890, this day was taken at the state level across the entire nation.


With the massive and tragic loss of lives due to world war one, the holiday was expanded to honor all soldiers in all of the American wars, and that’s when it came to be known as memorial day. 


In 1971, Memorial Day became an official federal holiday. 


Another important military event is Military Appreciation Month, A way for Americans to honor, recognize, and remember all the current and former members of the U.S. Military. 


This month of celebration was introduced as legislation by Senator John McCain and become adopted by congress in 1999. 


The purpose of the month is to encourage people to remember the important role the U.S. military enacts for our nation. 


There are 6 national observances, Starting May 1st, a day in which we reaffirm our loyalty to the United States. 


Then there’s May 3rd through the 9th, or Public Service Recognition Week, where we recognize the hard work of federal, state, and country government employees. 


Next up is May 8th, Victory in Europe day, Which marks the day of Germany’s unconditional surrender ending the war in Europe.


Also on May 8th, Military Spouse Appreciation Day, where we honor and recognize the important role of military spouses. 


May 16th, or Armed Forces Day where everyone serving in all U.S. branches of the military are celebrated. 


Finally May 25th, Memorial Day, A federal holiday to remember and honor the man and women who died while serving in the military.