May 8

James Sahli

Teacher Appreciation Week


May 4 to May 8, 2020 is Teacher Appreciation Week.  This is a time to honor teachers and their lasting contributions to our lives.  Most children have their first contact with a teacher around the age of 5 years old in kindergarten.  Teachers continue to be a part of the learning process for an average of 18 years until the student graduates from college.  


USA Today recently reported that with the school shut-downs because of the coronavirus there is a new appreciation for teachers.  Parents who now have to oversee their child’s academic progress at home now realize that teachers are not just convenient, but essential.  Many students are realizing that on-line learning isn’t for them. They miss the classroom and the interaction with their teachers.


At the time a student is actively learning a subject, they may not recognize the positive impact a teacher has had on them.  It may not be until later in life that a person comes to the realization that they need to thank a teacher.  Young adults find that when they first enter the workforce and they are faced with a difficult problem to solve, they may remember something a teacher had said, and that helps them make a decision.  Oftentime when an actor receives an award they will first thank their Mother and Father.  Then they will thank their high school teacher for giving them the confidence to pursue their dreams or for their love of the theatre.  


Students with ADHD or other disabilities can struggle with school work and may hate school in general.  Hopefully, along the way there will be many teachers that help them in their journey.  Like a special education teacher in elementary school who works tirelessly with them to learn math concepts or gives them an appreciation for reading.  Or a high school teacher who accepts them for who they are, encourages them to accept new challenges and helps them see they can have the confidence to do anything they want.


Think about a teacher who has had a positive impact on your life so far.  Call, text or email them, now is the time to give a big shout out to a teacher.  Not only will you feel good for being nice to someone, it could have a huge impact on the teacher to know a student appreciates them.  Thank a teacher today, before you forget or it’s too late.


Thanks Emma Melton for the shout-outs!!

Thanks Kadin Wetherholt for the special look at your Mom and Mother’s Day traditions