Roll some fun with Bocce Ball at Oakdale!


Kathryn Trice

Student Eric Connolly, a senior, is showing his bocce skills after school

Grey Bavender, Writer


Winter sport Bocce is an Italian lawn bowling game which originated in Ancient Rome. The game consists of eight large balls that are known as ¨bocce balls.¨ Each team is split up into two groups and each team gets four balls. The objective of the game is to throw the bocce balls closer to the target than your opposing team. The team that reaches 12 points first wins. 


The target is a small white pallino ball called a ¨Jack¨ and the location of the target is decided by whichever team throws the ball first. Both teams come to the agreement on a fair place to stand and whoever throws the pallino ball first throws the first Bocce to which starts the game. 


According to students, Bocce is beneficial to their social and emotional skills. It has helped bring teammates together and form a special bond. 


Ruby Pazos,a sophomore at Oakdale High School, voiced, ¨Playing Bocce has made me a better player because I learned patience.¨ 


Junior, and teammate Claire Stewart adds, ¨I learned how to play bocce and lifelong friendships with amazing people.¨ 


On January 11, 2022, Oakdale played against Brunswick which resulted in a win for Oakdale. So far this season, there have been four games. 


Pezos expressed, ¨My favorite game was the one against Catoctin High School because it was high energy with cheering. I felt happy and energized after it was over.¨ 


Bocce is an inclusive sport at OHS, bringing together a wide variety of students, even some with disabilities. Stewart goes on to state, ¨I wanted to play bocce because my best friend Ella who had William Syndrome plays unified sports and this is the sport I wanted to play with her.¨ 


She goes on to include, ¨I would recommend it to friends because it is fun to play bocce and play with people with disabilities that shine bright in different ways.¨


Even though Bocce is labeled as a winter sport at Oakdale, many people continue to play outside of school during different seasons. Stewart commented, ¨I would like to play when the school year ends.¨ 


But on the other hand, Pezos likes to focus on different activities. She mentions, ¨¨I don’t think I would continue to play bocce after the school year ends because there are more active things I prefer to do.¨ 


It has been announced that Oakdale will be holding the state championship at Hagerstown Community College on February 10, 2022. Hopefully there will be some familiar faces as fans cheer on our Oakdale players.