Arbor Day – The Last Friday of April

Sarah Thorssell

Sarah Thorssell

Friday, April 24, 2020 is Arbor Day. It is a holiday on the last Friday of April to celebrate trees and what they provide for this planet. It is promoted by the Arbor Day Foundation, a non-profit organization that works in conservation and education.


Arbor Day originated in 1872 in Nebraska, and is now celebrated across the nation. The state of Nebraska even has school off to celebrate and plant trees.


This year marks the planting of the foundation’s 60 millionth tree. They’ve worked towards 26 years of restoration, have had over 350 projects, have worked in 39 different states and 83 national forests.


The current -COVID-19-pandemic has caused the organization to adjust their tree planting events. The organization writes, “Even though most community celebrations and tree planting events in the spring of 2020 are being postponed or cancelled, the spirit of Arbor Day is still strong.”


There are many ways you can still celebrate Arbor Day. This includes planting a tree at your own home, reading outside, learning about trees, or donating to the Arbor Day Foundation to support future tree planting. The “father of Arbor Day”, J. Sterling Morton once said, “Other holidays repose upon the past; Arbor Day proposes for the future”  


Arbor Day Foundation has launched a social media campaign to plant up to 50,000 trees for all the people celebrating Arbor Day while following social distancing guidelines. The foundation has agreed to plant one tree (and the company SalesForce has agreed to match every tree) for every instagram, twitter, or facebook user who posts a picture of a tree with the #ArborDayAtHome


Trees are celebrated throughout the world. Here in the United States it is Arbor Day. Israel calls it New Year’s Day of the Trees, Korea celebrates Tree Loving Week, and India has a National Festival of Tree Planting. So wherever and however you chose to celebrate this Arbor Day, make sure you share with the #ArborDayAtHome so you can plant a tree right from home.