Early Grads Galore!

Some people feel like high school isn’t really for them. Then again, doesn’t everyone think that at some point along the line? A few people feel that urge enough to want to graduate a year early and move on to something new.


Four years of high school isn’t for everybody, just like college isn’t for everybody. You can choose what you want to do. It’s your free choice, and what you feel is the most beneficial to you and your future.


I’m doing exactly what I think fits my wants and needs. That’s how you should make your decisions, not for anyone else. I’m a junior at Oakdale who is, by technical means, a sophomore.


Some people graduate early to hop right into the workforce or military, some to have better college opportunities, others just because they don’t see a reason to stay longer if they’ve gotten everything they could want out of high school.


Everyone has their distinct reason for graduating early if they do. Oakdale Junior Gabe Kijek, explains his path after his three years of high school: “To a lot of people, high school isn’t their thing and neither is college. I think it’s a good personal gain for me. I intend to join the military straight after, so this helps me jump right in.”


Speaking from personal experience, graduating early isn’t difficult, many people just assume it’s more work than they’re cut out for. It’s a common assumption in high school that graduating a year early is seen as too hard or not worth it.


Mrs. Tara Ketteringham, guidance counselor, explains why she’s counselled the few who intend to graduate early: “It can depend on the person and if they’re ready to start that phase in their life yet.” She said sometimes students are ready for something more that isn’t offered in the building.


For our school, you need twenty-five credits to graduate, and you receive eight a year. For three years, you’ll end up with twenty-four credits. All you’d need to do is do that extra class somewhere outside of school, whether it’s online, summer courses, or night courses.


Of course it’s easy to understand the counter; many people choose to enjoy the “true senior experience” of riding out their last year in high school the way they choose, others because they don’t know what they want to do, or for finishing the benefit of free education.


Different people have different ambitions, and you should do what you feel is important to you. Don’t let people tell you you have to go to college or you can’t graduate early or you can’t get something else you want. Follow what you believe in; you’ll be happier with the outcome.