Marvelous Moran!

By: Maxwell Kasten


Sports are such a big part of our lives, we know the athletes, we know the types of sports. But do we really know who these people are? Do we know their reasons for choosing their sport?


Junior Varsity Track member, freshman Matt Moran, expressed how much he likes competing for Oakdale. He says that it’s exhausting sometimes, but worth the effort, and he really enjoys it.


“I’ve been interested in track since I was seven, on and off, I’ve been doing it for about three years.” He’s a member of the sprinting section of the team.


Sprinting Coach Beach says Matt is a valuable asset to them, and that he never misses a practice. He says he’s a real team player and a truly hard worker.


He enjoys having Matt with them, and that he’s a good person as well as a good athlete. “He does well in practices and does everything he’s told.” According to Coach Beach.


“My main driver to be an Oakdale Track member was that my mom suggested I should join the team.” He finds it to be a good decision that he followed her advice.


Biology teacher and distance Track coach, Mr. David Lillard, gave his insight on Matt. “He’s a good kid and good member of the team.”


Matt finds Coach Beach to be a wonderful and kind coach to him and all the other track team members, same with Coach Lillard and the other coaches involved with track.


“I think my biggest achievement would be running the four by four for county’s.” Matt explains. “Meets are my favorite part of doing track.” He says he wouldn’t trade it in for another sport if he could, he likes doing track a lot.


“The hardest part of being on the track team are weekend practices,” he said.


In a sport that doesn’t get hit much with the spotlight, Matt Moran is really enthusiastic about what he does. He finds it difficult at times, but you put in work and you get results out of it. He wouldn’t do anything else, athletics-wise.


Different sports are for different people, and it’s interesting seeing different passions in different people’s eyes. Matt found his passion in running for Oakdale as a great teammate and person.